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Learn how to systemetise and automate your video influence.

Create more content, reach more people, and grow your business.

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Automate your Youtube influence

Hi, I’m David from FliVideo and I’m here to help you automate your video influence.

David Cruwys

Why have I created FliVideo?

I have a need to be efficient, productive and professional my own video and content production as a Youtube influencer.

In meeting that need I have had to find ways to automate my processes for creating content, recording professional videos and reaching my target audience.

FliVideo was created to help me systematize and automate my own video influence.

What is FliVideo?

FliVideo is where I gather knowledge on the tools, systems and automation’s that you could implement to create your own Youtube content and influence.

Learn to automate your video influence

  • Create videos quickly
  • Develop graphics and thumbnails
  • Using AI to write headlines, scripts and descriptions
  • Using AI to create thumbnails


  • The workflows I use to create multiple shorts per day


Software automation using code, macros and API’s

  • Tools for creating videos

A little about me

I love software development and I love video based learning, content and marketing.

I got my first computer in 1982 (Texas Instruments TI99/4A) and I wrote my first program by copying code out of a subscription magazine when I was 10.

I have been a professional software developer for 30+ years and dabbled in SEO, content and video marketing for the last 15 years.

David Cruwys